• When you’re juggling all the things—appointments, chores, work, not to mention the people in your life and all of their needs—you end up exhausted and stressed, longing for calm.

    The thing is, you have calm inside you, it just gets covered up with the thoughts, worry, and activity. And that’s good news because it means you can bring out your calm, even if you feel like you’re too busy.

    Hi, I’m Sandy Fowler. I’m a stress relief guide and a certified Yoga Nidra meditation guide. I’ve been teaching and supporting busy women for years and I want to help you filter stress out of your life and find your calm.

    In 9 minutes I will teach you 2 strategies you can use to start finding more calm and peace. They don’t require any additional time and you can start using them today. If you have questions about the lesson just send me a note.

    Hugs & peace ~ Sandy

    I know what it’s like to wonder if you will ever feel calm or even have time to deal with your stress. I found myself on that path when my girls were little. I was racing from thing to thing and felt like I would never be able to take a real rest.

    Being Honey to my hubby, Mom to my daughters, friend, leader and aspiring business owner was taking a toll. I was stressed out and triggered by so many things. At times I felt like I didn’t have the capacity to deal with just one rude comment, a simple setback, or a single stressful moment.

    I had dreams, things I wanted to accomplish, people I wanted to love, and I really wanted to enjoy it all. So I read, learned, experimented, and found my way out. Now I help other women filter stress out of their lives, find their calm and enjoy their life—and I want to help you too.

    “Sandy’s words have encouraged me to trust my instincts and have given me the courage to act upon those instincts with confidence.”

    ~ Shawn

    “As someone who has spent my life trying to find the system that will make sense out of my super busy life, I can’t thank Sandy enough for showing me how to be organized in a way the works in my life.”

    ~ Judy

    “Sandy’s approach to life in general is spot one and helpful to all mothers for simplifying their life.”

    ~ Marie