• Are you feeling guilty or anxious as you try to work a job, run a business, or follow a passion and still be a good mama? Or have you given up on following your dreams because you don't see how you can have your work and love your family well? You are not alone. Many women find themselves deciding what they have to give up, and wondering if they can be a good mama if they can't have more in their life. 

      I went down this path myself when my girls were little and I found a way to follow my passions and still care for my family. Now I show busy women how they can follow their passion or work their business while loving their children--and do it without guilt or stress.

    • Meet Sandy Fowler

      Sandy Fowler is a wife, mom, and business owner whose passion is teaching moms to make powerful choices that impact their lives in the best possible way. Whether she is speaking to a group, teaching a class, coaching a client, guiding a meditation, or hosting her podcast, she is always helping busy women find simple ways to make life better. Her natural curiosity paired with her down-to-earth, practical approach to living, working, and prospering, allows her to help them take back their life from the busyness and stress of modern-day living.

      She has been quoted on SheKnows.com, featured in a cover story in the Detroit. Free Press Twist Magazine, published in Mompreneur magazine and the Clarkston News. She has been a guest on many podcasts, and featured as an expert on The Michigan Women's Marketplace.

      When Sandy isn't working with busy women and parents she enjoys spending causal time with family and friends. She especially loves to hang out with her husband and two daughters camping, hiking, reading, or wandering the shores of Lake Michigan where they can swim and play.

    • 30 Days of Gratitude

      November is such a great time to focus on gratitude. Thanksgiving already points us in this direction but I like to use the entire month to steep myself in thanks. Why? Because gratitude is powerful. When we spend time in gratitude we reduce stress, increase optimism, and change our brains. We can sleep better and be less susceptible to burnout which is huge for women. It also helps us develop

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    • When You Are Always Tired

      This week's @MightyParenting podcast episode is one every mother needs to hear. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith talks to us about rest--and it's so much more than sleep! I found her work interesting, helpful, and a relief. I see new ways to rest and reasons why I can feel tired even when I sleep well. I know Mighty Parenting is about raising teens, but this information is true for all humans and I hope

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      30 Days of Gratitude

      Free event running all month long. Participants receive a daily email with a gratitude inspiration.



      Guided Meditation

      11:30 am eastern | Sandy will lead participants in a Yoga Nidra meditation. This is a simple guided meditation which requires only that you lie down (or sit) and follow Sandy's voice. It is deeply restful and healing and there is no way to do it wrong. This session is online and free so you may participate from anywhere.

    • Make the choice, follow your passion while loving your family!

      Discover Sandy's simple strategy for finding the time and energy to work, run a business, volunteer, or follow another passion while being a good mama ~ and do it without guilt and stress.

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