• 30 Days of Gratitude

  • November is such a great time to focus on gratitude. Thanksgiving already points us in this direction but I like to use the entire month to steep myself in thanks.

    Why? Because gratitude is powerful. When we spend time in gratitude we reduce stress, increase optimism, and change our brains. We can sleep better and be less susceptible to burnout which is huge for women. It also helps us develop patience, humility, and wisdom—3 things that any parent will tell you are essential. The more time we spend in gratitude, the stronger the effect.

    So I’m enjoying 30 days of gratitude and I invite you to join me. If you’d like to receive a daily reminder with a little gratitude inspiration then just tell me where to send the email using this form. I’ll share 30 inspirational reminders via email. I also recommend grabbing a notebook and writing out your gratitude. You can jot down 3 things you’re grateful for each day, write a letter of gratitude to someone, write a letter of gratitude to yourself or switch it up each day or each week. You can sit for a few minutes and simply contemplate things you’re grateful for. Think about how good they are, how much you enjoy them, and just let yourself sink into these feelings.

    Are you finding this post in December? June? September? No worries if you didn’t see this post on November 1st. You’ll receive 30 daily reminders whenever you sign up.

    So pop in, join in, and experience the benefits. I’m grateful you are here. Click here for the gift.