• Coaching to Reduce Stress

  • "As my coach, Sandy cuts right through all my confusion about what to do next and how to do it. She zeroes right in on the highest priority, even when it’s something I have not yet identified, and I just find myself sighing with relief. She helps me gain clarity, keep true to my vision, stay accountable, and keep things as simple and manageable as possible. I know I’d still be lost in the forest of it all without Sandy!" ~ Nancy

    This is my goal when working with clients, to help them find relief in the moment and a path forward that helps them add more joy to their daily living. I know how crazy life can be with work, volunteering, relationships, and kids or family obligations, and I know it can leave us feeling depleted, guilty, and stressed out on a regular basis. I've developed some simple systems to change that. Everything in the coaching below is geared toward making your life better by discovering your "current reality" and focusing your effort, energy, and attention on the things that matter most to you as you live your life. This isn't a one-time shot, this is laying out a flexible map for day-to-day living and giving you the tools that allow you to adjust as life goes on.

  • Stress-Relief Coaching

    Sometimes we feel like we are in a constant state of stress. We may feel overwhelmed or continually anxious, like we won't ever get everything done or like we are constantly restless or irritated. We get overwhelmed by the thoughts in our head or the items on our to-do list and we can't see how we'll ever get out of the mess we're in. Our thoughts simply keep racing around in our minds, picking up speed and making us feel like the wheels are coming off as we become more and more and stressed. If you are ready to look at things differently and make some changes in your life then coaching may be the option for you.

    You will work with Sandy to examine your life, identify the sources of stress and work to alleviate them. 

    If you think this is right for you, complete the form below and we'll do a quick discovery to make sure it's a fit.

  • Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Meditation

    Being in a state of total relaxation sounds like bliss but many of us don't know how to achieve that. Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra can help us get there. Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep. It's a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is based on the koshas which represent the layers of our being--physical, energetic, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual self. By attending to all these layers of ourselves we can achieve total relaxation and potentially transform at deep levels.

    If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is a beautiful and simple tool to help you do so. Sandy is a certified Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra guide and will lead individuals or groups in a meditative journey.

    If you are interested in scheduling a session for yourself or your organization, complete the form below and be sure to indicate whether you are interested in a personal session, a group session, or scheduling a session(s) for your organization.

  • Priorities of the Heart Program

    We know when we are running a like gerbil on a wheel it's because we're trying to do too much. This happens when we can't see what's really filling up our days or we can't figure out what to focus on and what to let go. This happens to the best of us because, although we know what our highest priorities are, we don't truly understand how they incorporate into our life. In Priorities of the Heart, Sandy will help you quantify your priorities. You'll know exactly what they look like so you can add them to your schedule. Then, at the end of the day you'll know that the most important parts of your life have been handled with care.

    This program may be taught as a class, workshop, individual or group coaching sessions. To find out if it's a fit for you, your group or organization, complete the form below and we'll schedule a time to chat.

  • Calendar Magic Program

    Are you tired of going to bed with an unfinished to-do list running through your head and guilt running through your heart? This is a common issue for women today as we struggle to take care of the most important priorities in our lives; from work to friends to family, the stress can be enormous. But what if you could go to bed knowing that the most important things were taken care of? 

    In Calendar Magic, Sandy will walk you through identifying and quantifying your Priorities of the Heart then she'll help you create space for them in your life. You'll open up your calendar and make room for what matters most, from the tiny daily details to the big events and projects, you'll have the tools for living life on your terms.

    This program includes everything in the Priorities of the Heart Program and more. It may be taught as a class, workshop, individual or group coaching sessions. To find out if it's a fit for you, your group or organization, complete the form below and we'll schedule a time to chat.

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