• Have you ever told someone you didn’t have a choice? Or told yourself you don’t have a choice before you do something? I know I have. I certainly told my father that very clearly and loudly when I was a teenager. I’d done something I wasn’t supposed to and justified it by saying I didn’t have a choice. He responded by calmly telling me we always have a choice.

    Do you think you don't have a choice?

    It took me many years to agree with him on that idea. But I finally realized when we say we don’t have a choice what’s really happening is the other options(s) are just unacceptable to us.

    Those options are things we would never do because we have a moral or ethical issue with them or we aren’t willing to deal with the potential fallout. Or they may be things we don’t want to do, or don’t like to do, but it’s what we need to do in order to tend to a high priority in our life.

    And that’s fine, in fact, it’s good. Having a clear compass is a beautiful thing. What we want to change is our thoughts. We want to recognize the fact that we do have a choice.

    When we acknowledge our other options and the fact that we are making a choice, it creates a subtle mental shift. That shift receives stress and brings more joy.

    Watch the video above or read the closed captions for more detail and stories. Remember, it’s your choice. 😉