• We hear about stress in the media all the time, usually with dire reports about how it’s destroying our lives. Stress certainly causes issues for our mental and physical health as well as our happiness. But what if you could make your stress work for you? What if you could use it to make your life better?

    flower growing in stressed environment of concrete

    When I start to feel stressed I know this is an indication something is happening in my life or something has changed. Perhaps someone in my household is in a bad mood and I am letting it bother me. There may be a difficult circumstance in my life. My to-do list may have expanded beyond what’s comfortable. I may be struggling with a relationship. I could be behind at work. And the list goes on. 

    I could feel the stress and choose to avoid it. I could distract myself or eat a quart of ice cream. I could use a healthy coping strategy like exercising, meditating,  taking a walk, or writing.

    Or I could do something else. I could use this stress to help me make my life better.

    Stress is a big, flashing, neon sign pointing out places in our lives that could use a little attention.

    Sometimes we just need to create awareness and, once we become aware, the stress melts away. Sometimes we need to take action. Other times it means being in the moment and experiencing what’s happening instead of running away. Still others it means changing the way we’re doing things or setting boundaries.

    However you choose to respond, let stress show you where to put a little time and energy to make your life better.