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  • The Christmas Secret

    It seems like there is a secret some families have discovered, the secret to enjoying the holiday season. But many moms are struggling; struggling to get everything done, struggling to find the joy, and struggling to be a good parent through all the stress. Well, there is a secret and I am happy to share it with you. The secret is to change what you're doing without just piling more on your plate. 

    I found myself dreading Thanksgiving because it meant the beginning of the Christmas season and all the shopping and wrapping and baking and socializing and stress that comes with it. So, out of frustration, I decided to do one thing differently, and it changed things in ways I never expected. Over the years I took that lesson, combined it with my stress-relief based coaching program and wrote The Christmas Secret: Why the Holiday Season is So Hard and How to Fix It. Along the way, I wrote Christmas Magic: Using the Advent Season to Strengthen Family Bonds and Create a Meaningful Christmas and hosted Heart Filled Holidays radio. These resources can help you reframe and redesign your Christmas season, reducing stress and increasing joy with every step.

  • This is your opportunity to discover your path to a truly happy holiday season, one with less stress and more joy. For a peek into the techniques for discovering your dream holiday, listen to Sandy's interview on the Mighty Parenting podcast. To learn more about Sandy and how she came to create this workshop, watch the video.

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