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    My business partner Judy and I always said that parenting is the toughest job we ever loved. But, as our kids grew into teenagers, we were shocked at how many problems and how much pressure was created by things we had no experience with. Every choice in their teen and young adult years was magnified, for the good and the bad. Their entire lives were accelerated and they faced huge challenges from technology, social media, peer pressure, the push to excel, and the speed of life. We found out the tools and coping strategies we had were not enough for today’s world. When our kids hit the wall, we went hunting for information, tools, and techniques that could provide relief and really help our kids (and us)! We were surprised at how hard it was to find what we needed and knew we weren’t alone in our search so we created Mighty Parenting.

    Mighty Parenting started with a podcast then we added a community and now we're bringing in more resources. It has become a place for parents to get information, support, and resources they need to raise happy, successful, emotionally healthy kids in the 21st century. So, hop on over to the Mighty Parenting site, grab our How to Talk to Your Teen series, subscribe to the podcast, and join the conversation. We're happy to have you as a Mighty Parent!