• Sometimes you want guidance and support and other times you want to work on your own at your own pace. If you feel you need or want to work one-to-one with me, set up a discovery chat or learn more about working with me by visiting my One-to-One page. If you want to explore a bit or work on your own then dig in with these options.

    Your Essential First Steps to Real Stress Relief ~ $10

    Create a strong foundation for a more peaceful life as you learn about stress and use simple strategies for reducing it. Making small changes and simple shifts puts you on the road to creating more calm and handling stress with more ease and grace.

    The Art & Science of Saying No: Ease Stress, Ditch Guild, Find Time ~ $24

    Knowing how to comfortably say no gives you more time, greater happiness, better relationships, and more calm. It can even help you set boundaries naturally and easily.

    1:1 Sessions with Sandy Fowler

    There is calm inside of you. Working one-on-one with Sandy helps you create awareness, learn simple strategies, and build a toolbox you can access as you move through life.