• Speaking Programs

  • Sandy Fowler is known for her practical, down-to-earth speaking style that helps people get to the heart of things and create what they desire. Sandy presents lectures, workshops, small group roundtables, and 1:1 training from a nonclinical and holistic perspective. She works with busy women, parents, college students, staff and faculty to help them find simple strategies for tackling stress, anxiety, busyness, and emotional well-being. As an extension of this work, she and her team at DASIUM also provide programs that include upstream solutions for preventing depression, addiction, and suicide.

    Depending upon the program, Sandy is available for live, onsite programs, webinars and virtual programs, as well as small group presentations and support. Her books, courses, and coaching are available as add-on items for many presentations.

  • Busy Women

    The 21st century brought many great things, it also brought an incredible amount of stress and has left women running as fast as they can, but not feeling any joy in living their lives. Sandy lived that pain when she was a young mother who was trying to make a difference in the world while being a wife and raising her daughters. Much was getting accomplished, but every night left her with an unfinished to-do list, guilt, and a sense of longing. After finding her own way out and helping other women do the same, Sandy started speaking on topics that could tip the scales and help many women find more peace, joy, and fulfillment in their lives.

    • The Secret to Saying "No" and Getting Away with It

    One of the greatest blocks to reducing stress and busyness in our lives is not being able to say no. In this inspirational program, Sandy shows participants what's holding them back, guides them past those blocks, and teaches them the formula for saying no. Participants feel the relief of letting go and the excitement around being able to design their own life.

    • Jumping Off the Gerbil Wheel: Creating Days that Make Your Heart Sing

    So many of us go to bed at night, unable to fall asleep because our minds are spinning with all the tasks left unfinished. On top of that, there is often guilt over the important aspects of our lives that we ignored altogether. This program show participants the reason we end up running like a gerbil on a wheel, never feeling like we get anywhere. Sandy presents a strategy for ending the cycle and designing your days so you can feel fulfilled and peaceful at the end of each day.

  • Holiday Help

    The Christmas season is meant to be filled with joy. We want to have fond memories of time enjoying friends and family but end up with a life full of stress instead. Sandy Fowler shows women how to reframe the season and restructure their calendars so they can create the holiday they want, one that warms their heart and feeds their spirit. 

    • The Christmas Secret: Creating the Holiday You Crave

    Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year or a time overflowing with stress and frustration. If you find yourself wishing things were different, Sandy Fowler’s wisdom will help you turn things around. This presentation helps participants understand what is really making the Christmas season so difficult and simple strategies for reducing the stress and moving things toward a happier, more joy-filled holiday season.

    • A Simple Path to Finding Time for Christ in Your Advent Season

    Most of us spend a month preparing for Christmas, but how often do we end up unprepared for the birth of Christ? In this inspiring session, Sandy walks participants through the advent season, showing them simple ways to prepare their hearts and pairing it with concrete strategies for finding the time to do it.

  • Mighty Parenting

    Parenting in the 21st century brings moms and dads face-to-face with situations they've never experienced before. They are often shocked at the problems and the amount of pressure arising during the teen years. Frequently, the coping strategies parents have to pass on to their children are not enough for today’s world. Mighty Parenting shares strategies for raising teens who thrive in this new world. Presentations include: 

    • How to Talk to Your Teen

    One of the great challenges of parenting teens and twentysomethings is finding a way to communicate with them through those tumultuous years. In this program, Sandy addresses some common misconceptions about communication along with simple strategies for turning things around so parents can talk with their children in a way that fosters good communication and strengthens their relationship.

    • Building Blocks for Real Relief from Stress and Anxiety 

    Stress and anxiety are at high levels across our society and many of the ways we've coped with them in the past aren't working anymore. In this presentation, Sandy shares the building blocks for real relief from stress and anxiety. Participants learn what they can do to manage stress on a regular basis as well as when life becomes challenging or gets out of control. Not only will parents learn to help themselves, these strategies are appropriate for the whole family.

  • Depression, Addiction, and Suicide Prevention

    Our teens and college students are struggling more than ever. The rates for depression, addiction, and suicide are all rising. There's a perfect storm that leaves our kids vulnerable to emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. It's important for parents and students to learn about the risks, healthy coping strategies, and how to handle a crisis. Sandy Fowler is a co-founder of DASIUM which focusing on upstream prevention. Sandy's talks include:

    • Real Relief for College Stress and Anxiety

    Studies show that college students are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before. This programs shows students how stress and anxiety can escalate into serious issues and the essential strategies for handling them while staying emotionally healthy.

    • The Perfect Storm: What Parents Need to Know About Suicide Prevention

    Suicide is not selective. Rates are rising across the country and without regard for race, religion, ethnicity, or socio-economic background. But there are upstream solutions that can help prevent suicide. This program informs parents about the crisis and helps them see why it could be their child. It shows them what they can do to help prevent a crisis and how to respond if they find their child is in crisis.

    • The Perfect Storm: What You Need to Know About Preventing Depression, Addiction, and Suicide (presentation for college students)

    Most college students are dealing with extreme levels of stress and anxiety which causes emotional pain that can lead them into depression or addiction. Other college students feel hopeless and that feeling can lead them to attempt suicide. This presentation speaks candidly about stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicide, showing students a new way to view these issues. They will discover a simple path for processing emotions along with a guide to reaching out for help when life goes sideways and they can't handle it alone.

    DASIUM has additional programs available with other speakers.