• Sandy Fowler is known for her practical, down-to-earth speaking style that helps people get to the heart of things and create what they desire. She focuses on reducing stress and creating calm through simple strategies and achievable steps. Her talks, workshops, and 1:1 training come from a nonclinical and holistic perspective. She works with people to help them find simple strategies for tackling stress, anxiety, and busyness so they can create calm and enjoy their lives.

    Sandy is available for corporate and group events, retreats, webinars and virtual programs, as well as small group presentations and meditation sessions.

    Sandy Fowler speaking at suicide prevention event
    Sandy Fowler speaking at parenting webinar
    Sandy Fowler speaking to Michigan State University vet tech students
    Sandy Fowler speaking at parenting event

    Sandy’s Programs:

    Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation with Sandy

    Yoga Nidra Workshop or Team Event

    Jumping Off the Gerbil Wheel: Designing a Life With Less Stress and Time For What’s Important

    Holiday Help (secular and Christian programs available)

    • The Christmas Secret: Creating the Holiday You Crave
    • A Simple Path to Finding Time for Christ in Your Busy Holiday Season

    “An eye opener. I had not considered that if I am not handling stress appropriately I can’t help anyone else.”

    “I am an incredible over-achiever and have anxiety… I will definitely use these skills I learned today.”

    “Thank you for reminding me to do the little stress-relieving things. They make a difference.”

    “Now I see how I can say no. I finally feel like I can be in control of my life!”

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