• Sandy Fowler is known for her practical, down-to-earth speaking style that helps people get to the heart of things and create what they desire. Sandy presents lectures, workshops, small group roundtables, and 1:1 training from a nonclinical and holistic perspective. She works with busy women and parents to help them find simple strategies for tackling stress, anxiety, and busyness so they can create emotional well-being. She can also address emotional wellness and stress reduction as an upstream solution for preventing depression, addiction, and suicide.

    Depending upon the program, Sandy is available for live onsite programs, webinars and virtual programs, as well as small group presentations and support. Her books, courses, and coaching are available as add-on items for many presentations.

  • Roadmap to Relieving Stress & Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety are at high levels across our society, causing women to suffer. There are diverse factors affecting our emotional well-being and many of these did not exist or were much more limited in decades past. In this new millennium, people are finding that the way they managed stress in the past isn't working anymore. In this presentation, Sandy shares the building blocks for emotional wellness as she helps participants find real relief from stress and anxiety. Participants learn what they can do to manage stress on a regular basis as well as what to do when life becomes challenging or gets out of control. Participants will walk away with a new sense of control and actionable strategies for lowering stress and anxiety in everyday life.

    Sandy's work is rooted in helping people make powerful choices that impact their lives. Along the way she discovered her tools and strategies were reducing the stress people felt. After studying stress, anxiety, trauma, and resiliency, she discovered why. Now she is passionate about helping individuals, families, and organizations empower themselves to live well and create emotional wellness.

    This presentation is adaptable and may be structured as a keynote, plenary talk, or workshop. It is customizable and works well for women's groups, parent groups, colleges, businesses, and community organizations. 

  • Jumping Off the Gerbil Wheel: Designing a Life With Less Stress and Time For What's Important

    So many women go to bed at night unable to fall asleep because their minds are spinning with all the tasks left unfinished. On top of that, there is often guilt over the important aspects of their lives being pushed aside for the crisis of the moment or being ignored altogether. This increases stress and destroys happiness. But there are simple strategies women can employ that will lower stress while giving them time for what matters most to them.

    After attending this program, participants will:

    • Understand how they end up running constantly and feeling like they never get anywhere
    • Be able to identify when things are getting out of control
    • Know how to use a simple strategy for ending the cycle

    Sandy walks participants through the cycle helping them understand what's happening. She helps them shift their mindset and gives them a path to more peace and satisfaction. After the event, participants can then end the cycle and design their days so they feel fulfilled and peaceful at the end of each day. (This program is available as a talk or a workshop.)

  • Holiday Help [secular and Christian programs available]

    The Christmas season is meant to be filled with joy but instead it is fraught with overwhelm, endless to-do lists, and stress. Women want to have fond memories of time enjoying friends and family but end up with a season of stress and anxiety. Sandy Fowler shows women how to reframe the season and restructure their calendars so they can create the holiday they want, one that warms their heart and feeds their spirit. 

    • The Christmas Secret: Creating the Holiday You Crave

    Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year or a time overflowing with stress and frustration. There isn't enough time to do all that needs to be done and the celebrations often leave women feeling deflated. This presentation helps participants understand what is really making the Christmas season so difficult and simple strategies for reducing the stress and moving things toward a happier, more joy-filled holiday season.

    • A Simple Path to Finding Time for Christ in Your Advent Season

    Most of us spend a month preparing for Christmas, but how often do we end up unprepared for the birth of Christ? In this inspiring session, Sandy walks participants through the advent season, showing them simple ways to prepare their hearts and pairing it with concrete strategies for finding the time to do it.

  • An eye opener. I had not considered that if I am not handling stress appropriately I can’t help anyone else.

  • I am an incredible over-achiever and have anxiety... I will definitely use these skills I learned today.

  • Thank you for reminding me to do the little stress-relieving things. They make a difference.

  • Now I see how I can say no. I finally feel like I can be in control of my life!

  • Real Rest and Stress Relief with Yoga Nidra

    • Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

    People spend much of their time in an anxious or stressed state and meditation, while helpful, can present a real challenge for many individuals. Yoga Nidra is a simple, guided meditation practice which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Participants remain in a comfortable pose, either in a chair or lying on the floor, while Sandy takes them on a journey that relaxes the body, mind, and emotions.

    • Yoga Nidra Workshop

    In this workshop, Sandy will explain what Yoga Nidra is and the benefits of this practice. She will discuss ways we can use it in our daily lives and lead participants in a guided meditation followed by a group exercise.

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