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  • Wait! Before you head out, grab a copy of The Art and Science of Saying No: Ditch Guilt, Find Time, and Enjoy Life More With One Little Word

  • I know one of the big problems we face is being able to effectively say no so I'm sharing a special offer on my training, The Art & Science of Saying No, to give you an essential tool.

    In The Art and Science of Saying No, I share my formula for saying no and I walk you through additional support strategies.

    You'll find out why saying no doesn't work for most of us, how to do it effectively, and how to handle different types of people when they push back.

    When you purchase the training you'll have instant access to the class video and worksheet, including closed captions and the ability to search the video by key word. This is huge! Sure, you'll watch the video the first time but then, when you have a question or need a refresher, you don't want to sit through it again or pop around trying to pinpoint one idea. In my videos you can type in a word or phrase and it will bring up text to show you every place that search item appears. Just click the text and it takes you to that point in the video--magic!

  • In this 90 minute class you'll learn:

    • Why saying no hasn't worked before
    • A simple formula for saying no
    • How to deal with different types of people and their responses
    • A simple process for deciding what to say yes to so you can enjoy your life again

    This training is for women who want to be in the driver's seat of their life. They want to choose what they say yes to and have the confidence to say no. It is not for:

    • Women who are just looking for ways to get more done
    • Women who want to pack more into their day
  • I won’t be sharing productivity tips or showing you how to multi-task. Rather, I will talk about making choices and being selective about where you put your time and energy, as well as showing you some simple strategies for grabbing the reins of your life so you can be in control and spend time on whatever matters most to you.

  • Before this class I felt guilty about saying no (I'm a people pleaser) but I learned you can still be kind and gracious, using positive words to decline requests without giving details about the why. And I especially liked learning how to do this with pushy people. ~ Terri

  • This class was so helpful. I've been using what I learned when I talk to my husband and the change is amazing!" ~ Heidi

  • Get The Art & Science of Saying No