• The Christmas Secret Workshop – Designing a Stress-free Holiday

  • Are you ready to discover your path to a truly happy holiday season, one with less stress and more joy? Sandy Fowler has the secret you have been looking for. Wherever you are at she has an option for you; get some quick tips from the interview she did on the Mighty Parenting podcast or dive in to design the holiday of your dreams with her Christmas Secret Workshop. 


  • A Word From Sandy About Why She Created The Christmas Secret

    I absolutely loved Christmas when I was growing up! The decorating, family gatherings, gift giving, church services, baking, all of it simply made me happy. But then I grew up, got married, and was responsible for creating all of that holiday cheer. I discovered that it's a lot of crazy work to pull all of that together and I ran like a gerbil on a wheel to do the work so both my hubby and I could have that magical celebration. Well, I did that until it stressed me out to the point of yelling like a lunatic. Yes, I kind of broke myself. I piled so much on my plate that I was a cranky, stressing, and ultimately yelling, woman. This is really not the way I wanted to spend my holiday season (and my husband wasn't really enjoying it either).

    So I got to work, made some changes and things got better. Then we had children and some of the old issues came back along with a whole host of new ones. At least this time I was not ranting and raving, but I was still unhappy and stressed. So I made more changes and, along the way, I discovered my dream holiday.

    I was finally celebrating Christmas in a way that brought me true joy. In fact, that joy was evident in my face, my voice and my body language to the point that people started asking me what I was doing and how I was celebrating my holidays. Now, the actual things I do to celebrate Christmas won't bring everyone the joy I found, but, as I started sharing my ideas with people and working them through to enjoy their holidays I found out they could have the same feelings. They could reduce their stress, find more time, and experience more joy.

  • Then one day a reporter contacted me about what I was doing and a friend told me I should start a blog to share my secrets. Ultimately, I decided to write a book to let other people learn the strategies I used to turn my season into a time I love. But I wanted to share more, and I've found that many people need more than the book to help them move through the process so I created The Christmas Secret Workshop for women who are ready to reduce their stress and love their holidays!

    These are the same strategies I use today. As my girls grow up, my business grows, and my extended family expands, the demands on us shift and change. When that happens, the stress can creep back in and my joy can diminish. When I see that happening, I simply go back to these same strategies and tweak things until it all works again and I get my joy back. And that's what I want for you -- I want you to truly enjoy your holidays. I want you to have a celebration you'll enjoy and a heart filled with joy.

  • About the Workshop

    Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year or a time overflowing with stress and frustration. If you find yourself wishing things were different, then Sandy Fowler's wisdom will help you turn things around. Whether you're looking for simple ways to get everything done or you wish could redesign your entire holiday, you can have what you want.

    The Christmas Secret is your guide to designing a holiday that warms your heart and feeds your spirit.

    In this workshop you'll discover:

    • The truth about your dream holiday
    • How to make your true dream holiday a reality
    • The 3 essential steps to changing your holidays
    • How to have those difficult conversations with family members
    • A simple strategy for having enough time to do everything
    • Sandy's formula for saying no
    • Ways to enjoy the entire season

    With what you learn in this workshop, you'll ease your stress, find more joy, and create great memories.

    The Christmas Secret Workshop is a go-at-your-own-pace, virtual event. You will have full access to:

    • Sandy's welcome video
    • All 6 course modules walking you through creating a less stressful and more joyful holiday season
    • 12 worksheets to support you in completing the exercises you need to design your holiday
    • 3 more course modules giving you ideas and tips for handling the details of the season so they bring you joy
    • The Q&A recordings where Sandy answers participants questions throughout the workshop
    • Worksheets to support your holiday financial planning

    When you finish this course, you will have all the strategies you need to find more time in your holiday season, make decisions about whether or not to accept invitations (as well as Sandy's formula for saying no), and the foundation for having those difficult conversations with family about how to spend the season.

    This isn't a quick fix formula, this is a foundation for living better that can be applied to your holidays and your daily life. So if you are expecting a few tips to set things right, this course isn't for you. If you aren't willing to do something different, this course isn't for you. But if you are ready to open up your mind, learn some strategies and put them into practice, then this is for you!

    The workshop will only be available for a limited time. The doors open on Monday, November 5th and will remain open until Friday, December 14th or until it's sold out, whichever comes first.

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    Refund Policy: If you have any issues with the course, just contact me. We'll look at what's happening and figure out why things aren't working. If you have done the work, including the worksheets, we can't find a solution and you are unhappy with the course then I will refund your money.