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  • 30 Days of Gratitude

    November is such a great time to focus on gratitude. Thanksgiving already points us in this direction but I like to use the entire month to steep myself in thanks. Why? Because gratitude is powerful. When we spend time in gratitude we reduce stress, increase optimism, and change our brains. We

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    When You Are Always Tired

    This week's @MightyParenting podcast episode is one every mother needs to hear. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith talks to us about rest--and it's so much more than sleep! I found her work interesting, helpful, and a relief. I see new ways to rest and reasons why I can feel tired even when I sleep well. I

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    Harness the Power of Stress

    We hear about stress in the media all the time, usually with dire reports about how it's destroying our lives. Stress certainly causes issues for our mental and physical health as well as our happiness. But what if you could make your stress work for you? What if you could use it to make your life

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